Perception determines our reality.

While holding positions at marketing and PR agencies,
we used branding and behavioural economics
to influence consumers attitudes and behaviour
towards our clients’ products and services.

Powerful, emotionally engaging imagery
were heavily featured in successful campaigns.

I’ve taken this working knowledge and applied
it to my own commercial photography…

Now, as well as crafting a perception through careful
brand management, I enjoy creating the content that
gets us there.

I work best with art directors, creative directors, brand managers
and owners who have a deep understanding of their
brand, culture and consumers.

Above all, always choose adventure!

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The profile picture was made by my good friend
and mentor, Charles Zuckermann at
corporate head shot gig we did together.

The cover photo was taken by the bubbly Momoko Soeno
during a shoot with a friend in Chigasaki, Japan.